Create and Distribute your Own EPUB eBooks

Everybody can be an author!

Writing is not just about your passion, it is also about sharing it. Everyone is skilled in something and is ardent about it, whether its health, art, cars or writing, there are millions who may share same passion as you do and would love to read about it. An awesome way to monetize is to create and distribute your own eBook; you now have online marketplaces with a large number of users, open markets like Amazon where you can sell your book directly.

Why not have the freedom, the control and the luxury of enjoying your profits on your own? – You should and therefore you will have to learn to format, edit and convert your book into a perfectly formatted eBook.

Self-Publishing is exciting, but it is also overwhelming if you don’t have the right software and tools.

Create your eBook – with Minimum Fuss

PDF is a program and is short for “portable document format” which makes it convenient for computers to share documents while maintaining the original images, text, videos, multimedia, fonts, indentation etc. It is also the one of the oldest formats which has evolved itself throughout the years. Until recently, eBooks were created by exporting a publication to PDF – this traditional software has nurtured a perfect set of features which are not only convenient – but also has millions of users who are used to its simple yet effective interface.

The most difficult part is to get started

The answer lies right in front of you – here is what you should do:

  • Choose a topic which you are passionate about
  • Find an original edge
  • Share a personal story – Your experiences will make your eBook rich and will provide value
  • Research and find out what the masses are reading
  • Find and evaluate your immediate competitors who might be selling eBook
  • Position yourself as a brand and think like a brand
  • Choose an awesome title

Writing your eBook - The Toughest Milestone

Use simple and clear language, you don’t want your readers using a thesaurus – they won’t. Share the knowledge that you have learned and set objectives for each chapter. Finish your writing, and start evaluating to see if something is missing.

Challenges you may Face During Writing

The most obvious challenge is the dreaded writers block – this happens when you sit with your hand poised on the keys, yet you have nothing to write. You are fresh out of ideas and need to be inspired.

The solution!

Take a break, have a Kit Kat or talk to a more experienced writer. Your brain becomes blank, and the word ‘relaxation’ is the only thing your brain will understand at this point.

Proof reading

You are done with the writing part, now it’s time to make sure that there are no mistakes. Nothing is more annoying and unprofessional as when one spots a silly mistake in a well written eBook, Imagine one typo destroying your image with your audience, which is cruel but the publishing business, is all about perfection – this is true when it comes to a succinct, mistake-free document, your readers will not give you a second chance.

An Easier Solution – Hire an Editor for Proofreading.

With freelance websites, it is now easier for almost anyone to hire a reasonably priced editor. Hiring an editor to have a final look on your work is quite better than giving your eBook to your dad or sister to proofread. An editor will not only proofread your eBook for mistakes but will also give you sound advice about the logic your eBook, helping you to make it better.

Get a Brilliant Cover for you eBook

The biggest cliché in the publishing industry is the notion that a good cover will sell your eBook- it is also a fact. Remember the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”? People do judge a book by its cover and that is why serious authors take it into consideration, therefore, they spend their time and money on their book cover. Publishers have known this since the dawn of their existence – you should know that too.

Formatting your “Standard” eBook in EPUB format

epub is a universal format which gives you flow in real-time – this equates to easy readability on any e-reader. Additionally, it is adjustable for different reading preferences. epub is ideal for eBooks which are based on text with small images (images embedded in text), this way the software creates paragraph breaks.

EPUB Suits you If:

  • Your book has cover art but doesn’t have large images
  • All of your images are embedded within texts
  • You want maximum utilization because standard eBooks are easily readable on most reading devices like laptops, smart phones and e-readers.
  • Depending on the format you choose, you can use “bookerly” format for fonts with an 11 or 12 size. Single spaced short paragraphs and a nice color scheme. Use different types of headers and lists. Use images- if you are a good photographer, that won’t be a problem. If you are not, you can always buy your images – always check an image for copyrights.

Promote your eBook

Your eBook is ready, now it’s time you invest on the promotion part. Most authors create a BUZZ to elevate sales and drive their audience. Try This:

  • Guest post on your niche sites to create interest
  • Post something else but relate with your eBook, don’t be direct – be suggestive.
  • Find bloggers in your niche and send them a few copies, have them review your eBook and have them post an honest review
  • Request your readers to share your book on their network if they liked it.

Converting ePUB to PDF

While Mobi is the usual format for Amazon Kindle – the ‘standard’ eBook format is Epub and is accepted by Apple, Kobo and Barnes and Noble. However, if you want to sell your book on your own, you should consider converting it to PDF. The PDF format is not only convenient for readers all around the world; the format expands your demographics

Get your Epub eBook converted into PDF format. This is an old format that still works on almost every single device – if you have a smart phone; you may not have a factory installed Epub reader. However, you will have a PDF viewer installed. The PDF format is still a classic ‘favorite’ – Readers find it easier to read on PDF documents and are used to it.

On this site, we provide a convenient and hassle-free method to convert all your Epub files to PDF!